The wings of transformation

Through the power of connected and automated supply chains we can achieve a more productive, sustainable and safe built environment.

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OpenBuilt - digitalisation for all

Digitalisation for all

OpenBuilt will be a connectivity and automation platform that enables businesses to work faster and more accurately with their existing software.

OpenBuilt - Democratising technology

Democratising technology

We’re building trusted data pipelines & low code development tools that will enable anyone to automate their business processes without complex software integration.

OpenBuilt - Democratising technology
OpenBuilt - connecting the loose ends

Connecting the loose ends

OpenBuilt will provide a library of applications, services and data from a diverse range of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) from which you can weave together your own applications to solve business problems.

We are also building our own flagship applications to help get you started.

OpenBuilt - connecting the loose ends

Currently it’s complicated

The built environment is a complex industry suffering from volatile demand in many sectors and these factors, combined with the outsourcing business model that predominates, results in a fragmented structure where digital integration is often too complicated and expensive for individual projects or contracts.

OpenBuilt - digital transformation

Construction has been left behind

Where other industries have seen a substantial growth in productivity, the construction industry has had a meagre growth of one percent annually over the last two decades. Businesses are also increasingly locking in other objectives such as sustainability, and circularity in their long-term strategies – all of these are powered by a single prerequisite: digital transformation.
OpenBuilt - digital transformation
OpenBuilt - redefining the industry

We’re redefining the industry

A unifying platform that enables interoperability and standardisation of data exchange lies at the core of solving this problem.

Through integration of previously siloed systems, enabling standardisation of data and providing tools to automate processes the OpenBuilt platform will bring the connectivity needed to unlock latent innovation – from industry 4.0 to the circular economy – that is required to meet the industry’s productivity gap.

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